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Transport Processes in Porous Media pdf download

Transport Processes in Porous Media pdf download

Transport Processes in Porous Media by Frank A. Coutelieris, J.M.P.Q. Delgado

Transport Processes in Porous Media

Download Transport Processes in Porous Media

Transport Processes in Porous Media Frank A. Coutelieris, J.M.P.Q. Delgado ebook
Publisher: Springer
Page: 249
ISBN: 3642279090, 9783642279096
Format: pdf

Abstract: Convection-diffusion equations provide the basis for describing heat and mass transfer phenomena as well as processes of continuum mechanics. Microscale transport processes and microfluidics are becoming increasingly important in key emerging applications due to their inherent advantages of high transfer coefficients, efficient process management, miniaturization of devices with specific functionalities, with their applications ranging from biotechnological and biomedical engineering to electronic chip cooling, oil/water displacements in porous media, and nano-scale transport in coal beds and gas shales. Elshehaway [19] has studied peristaltic transport in an asymmetric channel through a porous medium. A limited amount of research is undertaken regarding the potential usage of the meshfree methods for modelling contaminant transport processes in the saturated and unsaturated porous media and in the area of landfill engineering. Ho, Gas Transport in Porous Media ISBN: 1402039611 | edition 2006 | PDF | 440 pages | 4 mb. Takhar uses porous media physics to study food and bioprocessing applications via mathematical modeling and experimental validation. He co-organized the 3rd SIAM Conference on Financial Mathematics and His research interests are in mathematical and numerical analysis, modeling, upscaling of reactive flow and transport in porous media. He has organized minisymposia at various SIAM conferences. Influence of partial slip on the peristaltic flow in a porous medium and a mathematical model of peristalsis in tubes through a principle of peristaltic pumping to transport fluids without internal moving parts. The need for peristaltic pumping also arises in circumstances where it is desirable to avoid using any internal moving parts such as pistons, in pumping process. His research is in the area of mathematical and computational finance, systemic risk and risk management, Monte Carlo simulation, and statistics of stochastic processes. Transport phenomena in porous media continues to be an area of intensive research activity and this is primarily due to the fact that it plays an important role in a large variety of engineering and technological applications which span from the transport processes in biomechanical systems, such as blood flow in the pulmonary alveolar sheet, to the large scale circulation of brine in a geothermal reservoir. As a first step, the authors discuss several techniques for artificial representation of porous. Curtin University postdoctoral fellow, Dr Ali Saeedi, has won an internationally esteemed 2011 PhD Thesis Prize for his research into CO2 geo-sequestration, a process involving injecting carbon dioxide underground. This book presents a compilation of state-of-the art studies on gas and vapor transport processes in porous and fractured media. The subject of this book is to study the porous media and the transport processes occur there. A Microfluidic Pore Network Approach to Investigate Water Transport in Fuel Cell Porous Transport Layers.

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